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Our Featured Products

Simplifying Your Business Payroll

TimeTec TA Mobile

Free time attendance system for businesses with up to 10 users/employees by using TimeTec TA together with TimeTec TA mobile. This cloud based time attendance software, TimeTec TA, is your solution to battle time theft and buddy punching in your organization! Integrated with the free TimeTec TA mobile application for android and iPhone users, you can now track your employee attendance from anywhere in the world. Each attendance transaction is stamped with a geolocation tag so it is perfect for businesses with mobile employees.

FingerTec TA700W

Keep it simple with FingerTec TA700W, an elegant biometric scanner with WiFi capability. The FingerTec TA700W is designed to be the most user friendly, convenient and efficient Time Attendance device for small & medium sized businesses and organizations. Forget about messy wires and sloppy punch cards, simply scan your fingerprint, and be on your way. Attendance data will be stored on the cloud-based TimeTec TA instantaneously for convenient retrieval. Time and Attendance management couldn’t be made easier with FingerTec TA700W.

FingerTec TA200 plus

FingerTec’s TA200plus are astounding hi-tech fingerprint time attendance and door access devices with an impressive design. With an exceptional storage capacity and equipped with the latest precision fingerprint scanning algorithm, the FingerTec TA200plus gives you some amazing and convenient features such as work codes and short message display for either personal or public recipients for effective staff communication.

FingerTec Face ID 4d

FingerTec Face ID 4d, the all-new powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec provides solid identity verification through its contactless biometrics technology, recognizing a face in mere seconds for accurate door access solution. Loaded with Face Biobridge VX 8.0, the latest of face recognition algorithm, detecting facial features during enrollment and verification is made quicker and more accurate, and with the high-resolution camera and infrared feature, face detection is possible even under minimal light. Customized for function, the device comes prepared with door access usage. FingerTec Face ID 4d is an ideal solution that is suitable for small and medium enterprises, as well as those in need of a reliable, contactless solution.